Reaction Tanks
The delivered Reaction Tanks have flanged openings, which are pre-drilled for simple, fast and protected connections. They are immensely purchased for their lustrous surface, longevity and smooth operations. These can tolerate higher temperature without any abrasion and wear impacts.
Storage Tanks
These Storage Tanks have cylindrical metal shell alongside a dome- or cone-shaped roof, which is ceaselessly attached to the shell. They are completely soldered and outlined for both vapor and liquid-tight properties.
Spiral Scrubber
Our HDPE Scrubbers are specifically beneficial for scrubbing submicronic particles. They comprise a changeable throat and damp-dry junctions working, which can be mechanically or manual as demanded.
HDPE Agitators
These HDPE Agitators are additionally acknowledged as industrial stirrers, which are designed to be installed in differently-sized processing units for uniform blending of materials. Formation plants and brewing industries are the two main sectors, where they are greatly used.
Bipolar Electro Cleaners
The primary usage of our Bipolar Electro Cleaners lies in the steel industries for expelling oil residue from various cables, wires and materials. These are composed of polypropylene sheets and deliver satisfactory material cleaning operations.
PP Mixing Tank
These PP Mixing Tanks are manufactured from PVC material and supported by fibreglass material. For adding more tensile strength, we can reinforce MS angels into the structure only on customers demand.
HDPE Pickling Tanks
HDPE Pickling Tanks are robust containers that can be used in industrial sectors for the pickling process for efficient removal of impurities, oxides, and scales. Get these tanks in various customized sizes as per your demands with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.

We mainly deal in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Karnataka.
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